vim-contnet provides Vim syntax highlighting for CNP, CNM and CNMfmt

Example screenshot of vim-contnet
Example screenshot of vim-contnet

BUG: Currently, the CNMfmt syntax highlighter assumes that formatting tags will come in LIFO order. Due to that, CNMfmt highlighting may be incorrect for some documents.


Using Pathogen:

git clone https://git.clsr.net/contnet/vim-contnet ~/.vim/bundle/vim-contnet

Using vim-plug, in your vimrc/init.vim:

Plug 'https://git.clsr.net/contnet/vim-contnet'


vim-contnet only provides a few sensible defaults for CNM and CNP files, as well as syntax highlighting for them.

To add additional languages for nested syntax highlighting within raw CNM blocks, define g:cnm_raw_syntaxes_extra dictionary in your ~/.vimrc.

For example, to add HTML syntax highlighting within raw text/html and raw html blocks:

let g:cnm_raw_syntaxes_extra = {'text/html': 'html', 'html': 'html'}

vim-contnet defines a default dictionary of raw languages that contain CNM, CNP and CNMfmt. It can be overriden by defining g:cnm_raw_syntaxes.


The vim-contnet source code is available on https://git.clsr.net/contnet/vim-contnet